Simple Perfect Eggs Benedict

Cooking perfect Eggs Benedict is all about timing and temperature control. If you can toast an English muffin, brown some Canadian bacon and poach an egg, 90% of the dish is done. But it’s that last 10%, the Hollandaise, that will make or break your breakfast. Simplify this process by using a blender instead of whisking by hand over a double boiler.

Makes 2 servings




2 English Muffins
4 slices Canadian Bacon
4 Eggs
2t White Vinegar


1 1/2 sticks Butter
3 Egg Yolks
1T Lemon Juice
1/2t Salt
Cayenne Pepper
White Pepper
Worcestershire Sauce


Bring a pot 2/3-filled with water to a boil. Add vinegar and return to a boil, then lower heat to a medium simmer.

Separate 3 egg yolks from whites and place the yolks in your blender. Discard the whites.

Melt your butter and keep warm.

Cook off Canadian bacon and keep warm until service.



To your blender, add lemon juice and salt to eggs.

Blend on MED-HI for about 30 seconds, until eggs lighten in color.

Turn blender down to lowest setting.

Slowly dribble in warmed butter while still blending, until all the butter is all added.

Taste and adjust flavor salt and lemon juice.

Add cayenne, pepper, and Worcestershire to taste.

Pour out warm Hollandaise into a serving container and keep it warm on or near your stovetop.


Before adding your eggs to your pot of boiling water, swirl it around to make a little tornado.

Crack one egg into a bowl and slip it into your pot of boiling water.

When the eggs turns white and begins to solidify, skim the foam repeat the process with the remaining eggs, one at a time.

After the last egg begins to solidify, turn off the heat.

Cover and let sit for about 3 minutes.

Leave the poached eggs in the water until ready to serve. If you can’t get all your muffins toasted before the eggs are ready, remove eggs from water and place in clean bowl and keep warm.


Toast your English muffins. Butter one side and begin ready to plate. Repeat for remaining muffins.

Place buttered English muffin on a plate, buttered-side up and top with slice of Canadian bacon.

Use a slotted spoon to gently remove poached egg from hot water. Drip dry and place on top of Canadian bacon.

Pour generous amounts of Hollandaise sauce over the top of everything.

Serve immediately.


Making a tornado in your boiling water helps keep the egg together better while it begins to poach.

You can substitute Vinegar with a little pickle juice.

The timing and doneness of your eggs are completely dependent on the eggs you use, pot size, amount of water, and how runny you like your eggs.

If your Hollandaise gets too warm, it will begin to separate. If this happens, whisk vigorously and move it to a slightly cooler place, but it must remain warm.

You can try some variety by using Smoked Salmon, Crab, Ham, or Bacon in place of Canadian bacon.


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