Chicken Cordon Bleu

A Cordon Bleu is basically a chicken breast stuffed with cheese and ham, rolled in seasoned flour and breadcrumbs, deep fried (or pan fried then baked). A nice mushroom cream sauce compliments this dish perfectly.

I prefer the pan fried method mostly because I don’t own a deep fryer, but I also don’t care for a drippy greasy Cordon Bleu.

Makes 4 Servings


Meat Mallet
Plastic Wrap


4 Chicken breasts
4 slices Honey Ham
4 slices Swiss cheese
1 1/2 cups Seasoned Flour
1 cup Flour
2 Eggs
3/4 cup Vegetable Oil


Preheat your oven to 375.

Heat your oil in a frying pan on MED-HI.

Scramble your eggs with a shot of milk and salt.

Prepare your egg wash station: Seasoned flour, eggs, plain flour ready.

Trim and butterfly your chicken from the side (cut from the side that has the bone and white cartilage on it).


Place butterflied chicken between 2 pieces of plastic wrap and flatten with a mallet until evenly thin.

Remove the top plastic wrap and put one slice of ham then cheese on top of the chicken.

Roll up the chicken from the thick side to the little tip, keeping the ham and cheese inside, like a jelly roll.

If your Cordon Blue is really thick, use toothpicks to keep it closed.

Repeat this for all the other chicken breasts.

Roll your rolled chicken in the plain flour first to cover it completely.

Dip your floured chicken in the eggs to completely cover all of the flour. Shake off any excess eggwash so it’s not dripping.

Finally, roll the chicken covered in flour and eggs into the seasoned flour with breadcrumbs to completely cover it.

Place your breaded chicken 2 at a time in your heated pan of oil.

Cook undisturbed until they begin to turn golden brown. With the breadcrumbs, it should take no more than 5 minutes.

Flip your chicken over and brown the breadcrumbs on the other side.

After that, turn and hold your chicken with tongs or a spatula to brown any spots that are still not browned.

Repeat this for all the rest of the chicken breasts.

Once all your breaded chicken breasts are all browned, put them on your baking sheet with foil.

Bake until the chicken is no longer pink and the cheese starts to ooze out.

Depending on how big and thick the chicken is, it could be 15-25 minutes.


Remove toothpicks, if used, and eat immediately while the cheese is warm and gooey.

Classic service calls for a mushroom cream sauce, which is a separate recipe.


You can use wax paper in place of plastic wrap.

You can omit breadcrumbs for your seasoned flour. It is mostly used for a crispiness and darker color when fried.

You don’t necessarily need a meat mallet, just something with some weight to pound pound out the chicken breasts.

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