Welcome to my little recipe blog thingy. My name is Jose but have used the nickname Xploited since my old WoW days, and has grown on me since. As the title says, I am a chef without a restaurant and have recently moved from California to Maine. Let me tell you, what a culture shock!

I have to realize that although the Portland area is steadily growing an extensive food scene, outside of Portland sticks pretty close to the traditional New England meals, such as Sunday Supper. Many of the meals I prepare are considered home cooking, albeit fancy and/or bizarre food combinations.

The idea for my blog was the almost weekly questions of “What is that? How do you make that? What’s in this?” There is really no theme to my blog other than I serve the food I love to eat. While I did not invent any of the recipes on here (not quite the food scientist), I do make them the way I like to eat them and thankfully my circle of friends appreciate being my guinea pigs.

Also, my photo-culinary skills are absolutely bad considering my only ‘camera’ is my old Droid Bionic. My pictures are not my own, but thanks to them internets, I do find great shots that accurately represent what the final dish looks like. I do ask permission to display their art with credit given and links back to the photographer.

So…why are you still reading this when there are fabulous recipes waiting to be read and delicious food to be made? Check out the FAQ page if you want some other interesting reading, or at least take your mind off food for a bit.

Eat well!


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